6 reasons we love fostering teenagers

6 reasons we love fostering teenagers

Teenagers often get bad press and regarded as disruptive and difficult. In this week’s blog we talk to some of our foster carers who enjoy the challenge of fostering teenagers and all the positives that come with it.

Teenagers are fun!

We have so much fun with our foster son. Whether it’s going to the cinema, walks with the dog, or just chatting around the table having dinner, we laugh together all the time. Lydia and James

Teenagers have a unique way of looking at the world

Teenagers are in a crucial stage of their lives and are understanding their place within the world and where they want to head to. It’s inspiring to be part of the journey at this important time. Kat

Teenagers are more independent than younger children

Younger children require far more hands on care whereas teenagers are largely independent. With teenagers it’s important to have open and regular communication, consistent boundaries, emotional support and to offer lots of encouragement.  Sarah

Teenagers are great company and keep us young!

We love fostering teenagers as it’s interesting to hear the views of young people and understand the challenges young people are facing. We value the opportunity to motivate and inspire young people to fulfil their potential. Matt

Teenagers can be challenging but they are going through a transitional phase

Teenagers need you in a different way to younger children as you’re helping them navigate their way into the adult world. They can be challenging but this is just typical teenage behaviour and we thrive on the challenge. We love seeing teenagers progress and mature in our care, it makes everything worthwhile. Laura and David

Fostering teenagers is rewarding

Fostering teenagers is extremely rewarding as you can often see the changes really clearly. You’re teaching life skills such as budgeting, time management if they’re studying for exams or starting their first job and you’re helping them plan for the future. When you support them to move onto independent living and see them doing well, you have a great sense of pride. Julie

We are always in need of stable and loving homes for teenagers.

If you’ve got the time, childcare experience and a spare room, we’d love to hear from you. You’ll get in depth training, ongoing support and a generous financial allowance.

Call us on 01273 295444, come to one of our info sessions or visit our website for more information.