Annie's Journey

Foster carer Annie has shared her journey into fostering - from her initial desire to make a difference, to taking the first step, to welcoming a young person into her family.


I left behind my career in the hospitality industry to embark on a path toward fostering children in need, a journey that would prove challenging yet incredibly rewarding.

I am a wife and mother with a diverse background and an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. Coming from an Indo-Pak heritage, I share my life with a husband of Caribbean origin, marking a journey of cultural fusion and love spanning 22 years. With a son, who at the time pursued his 'A' Levels, my life had already been enriched, but I yearned for something more. My professional trajectory had been remarkable; beginning as a receptionist over two decades ago, I progressed to become a prominent figure in the hospitality industry. My journey was studded with awards and recognition, including features in esteemed platforms such as The Guardian. However, my heart had been steering me toward a new path...

I sought a different form of fulfilment. My desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others led to fostering as a way to give back.

Taking the first step

My journey toward becoming a foster carer commenced with determination and perseverance. The first step involved online research to discover how I could extend my loving home to a child who needed support. I picked up the phone, which set the wheels in motion for a life-changing journey. An assessing social worker visited me at my home to assess its suitability for fostering and to meet my husband and son.

I then attended a training course called "Skills to Foster." This enlightening experience exposed me to the realities of fostering and prepared me and me family for what was to come.

The completion of the 'F form' was another crucial step. My family and I attended a panel meeting, where we answered questions from panel members and our subsequent approval marked a significant milestone. I had become an approved foster carer and I felt ready to embrace my new role...

Embracing the role of a foster carer

My approval as a foster carer brought forth a mix of relief and excitement. My heart swelled with anticipation as I looked forward to welcoming a child into my home and providing a nurturing, loving environment. I committed myself to a series of courses, enhancing my knowledge and skills.

My journey exemplified the beauty of selflessness and the transformative power of empathy. My transition from thriving career to compassionate foster carer is an example of the remarkable potential for change that resides within any of us. As I continued my journey, attending courses and honing my skills, I eagerly anticipated the moment when I would be matched with a child. I looked forward to a new chapter of love, growth, and shared experiences. I have always believed in the importance of following one's heart, even when it leads down unconventional paths. Small acts of kindness can have an immeasurable impact, shaping lives and fostering hope for a brighter future.

Welcoming a new member into the family

The day I welcomed my first foster child into my home was a mix of nervousness and excitement. The initial awkwardness soon gave way to moments of connection and bonding. I was amazed at the resilience and strength the children possessed; despite the difficulties they had endured. Our home quickly transformed into a haven of support, understanding, and most importantly, unconditional love

Navigating the emotional landscape

"Fostering is a journey laden with emotional ups and downs. There were days of triumphs, as I witnessed the growth and achievements of the children in my care. Yet, there were also moments of heartache, as I struggled to console them during periods of nostalgia or longing for their birth families. Learning to manage my own emotions while providing a stable emotional anchor for them was a lesson in empathy, patience, and resilience.

The power of healing

As the days turned into months, I witnessed the transformative power of a stable and loving environment. The children who once arrived with apprehension began to blossom, their scars gradually healing as they learned to trust, love, and thrive. Witnessing their progress and knowing that I played a role in their healing journey was a reward unlike any other.

Letting go and moving forward

Fostering is not just about nurturing; it's also about letting go. The ultimate goal is to provide a safe haven for these children until they can reunite with their birth families or find a forever home through adoption. Saying goodbye, although bittersweet, is a reminder that I have fulfilled my purpose in their lives, setting them on a path toward a brighter future.


My journey into fostering has been a profound experience that has reshaped my understanding of love, resilience, and the impact one person can have on the lives of others. The road was marked by challenges, tears, laughter, and countless memories that will forever remain engraved in my heart. Fostering has taught me that every child deserves a chance to grow, flourish, and overcome the obstacles life throws their way.


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