Jaymi’s Story

"I was in care"


Jaymi is one of our Young Ambassadors who was in care…

Jaymi: I went into care, roughly about six or seven, and spent some of that in foster care and some of that in children’s homes.

What difference does it make being with a foster family?

Jaymi: People actually start listening to you, you’ve got social workers, schools listening. Then you’ve got a loving family, or loving foster carers, who’ll get the best out of you. Most of the time it made me feel safe, there was someone there to talk to whose job it is to care for you and make you feel safe. Yeah, made me feel safe. Somebody who would be there for you, and who doesn’t see it as a nine-to-five, who will treat you as their own, and get the best outcomes for you – and not see you as a paycheck.

Do people stay in touch with their foster carers?

Jaymi: People close to me, they see their foster carers or their old foster carers on a regular basis. They go to their house Christmas, Easter, birthday and stuff like that. So some people do and some people don’t.

How do foster carers help children?

Jaymi: Every kid in care has that flame. I think foster carers have a huge part to play in that, sort of making their life out to be better. Just watching the young person grow from shy to confidence – that is what is so good about being a foster carer.

What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a foster carer?

Jaymi: I say do it – because it’s an achievement to become a foster carer because you’re doing something better for that young person and it’s a life experience. And it’s not a job – I wouldn’t see it as a job. Come and do it and have the best time of your life. It’s the best opportunity to see what it’s like and enjoy yourself.