Supported Lodgings

What are Supported Lodgings?

Supported Lodgings carers provide an opportunity for young people (16/17 year olds at risk of homelessness and care leavers 18+)  to live in the home of someone who will help them develop the practical skills and emotional maturity they need to move on to independent living.

All you need is a spare room in your safe and supportive family home and the time to teach simple skills to a young person. Everybody is different, but they may need help with:

  • Getting into education, training or work
  • Managing money, shopping
  • Learning to cook and do housework
  • Attending appointments
  • Building confidence
  • Advice with relationships


Who can be a Supported Lodgings carer?

We welcome applications from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds and encourage families, couples and single people to apply. The young people we seek placements for come from a wide range of diverse backgrounds.

As a supported lodgings carer you can maintain full time employment as you are not expected to take parental responsibility for the young person; they will be a lodger in your home.

The most important thing is that you like and respect young people and have an understanding of some of the issues they may face. You will need the time and flexibility to offer advice in a safe and supportive environment, and you will need to provide the young person with a bedroom.


What support do Supported Lodgings carers receive?

You will be part of a team that also includes the young person’s key worker and other professionals – you will not be on your own. You will have access to extensive training and you will quickly feel part of our growing community through support groups and social events.  

You will be allocated a key worker of your own who will meet with you regularly and you will have access to a 24/7 out-of-hours service.

As a newly approved supported lodgings carer, you can expect to receive £248 per week rising to £271 after 5 years. The majority of young people in supported lodgings placements will provide their own meals but a few (16/17 year olds) may need to be given meals. Please click here to see how this compares to the fees and allowances for traditional foster care.


What does the assessment process involve?

The assessment will take approximately 3-4 months and will look at your lifestyle, finances and experience. Following your initial enquiry we will visit your home before completing statutory checks on you and members of your household. We will request references from family members and employers before compiling a comprehensive report which will be reviewed prior to you being approved.

To learn more about the difference foster care and supported lodgings care has made to the life of a young person, click here for Bradley's Story 


If you are interested in becoming a Supported Lodgings Carer, please e-mail, complete our enquiry form or call 01273 295444. Alternatively click here for details on upcoming information events, where you can meet our team in person and chat to experienced Supported Lodings Carers