Training our foster carers

We want our carers to feel as confident and prepared in their fostering roles as possible so they can offer the best support for our looked after children. We offer a huge variety of training; some which is compulsory and some which is optional. Our foster carers tell us they find the training courses informative and insightful; and that what they have learnt has helped them not only with fostering but in all aspects of their lives. Research has shown that continuous training and development of foster carers ensures the best support for our looked after children which is essential.

When you become a foster carer with us here are some examples of the mandatory training modules you’ll complete:

1. Positive Interventions for Foster Carers

2. Working Together in Child Protection

3. Allegations & Complaints Involving Foster Carers

4. Paediatric First Aid

5. Attachment

Depending on what fostering you go on to do, we offer specialised training courses to help you better understand some of the challenges the young people might be experiencing and help you better able to support them. For example if you were planning to foster teenagers, here are some of the training modules you’d complete:

1. Adolescent Development

2. Transition to Adulthood

3. Facebook, Social Networking & Foster Care

4. Promoting the Positive Identity of Children in Care

5. Resilience

All training courses take place in Brighton or Hove and there are usually around 12 other people so the groups aren’t too large.

During your first two years as a foster carer with us, you would also complete the Training, Support and Development Standards Workbook to demonstrate that you understand your role as a foster carer.

We are proud of the extensive training programme we offer to our carers. We believe it is essential that our foster carers develop their skills and learn new techniques to help support and to better understand the children they look after. Not only are the courses interesting but they also offer a great opportunity to meet other carers and make new connections.

We also provide extensive support for our foster carers and have covered this in a separate blog. We are always trying to expand the courses available so work closely with our foster carers to hear their feedback about training.

If you think fostering could be for you please join us at one of our monthly information sessions or call us on 01273 295444.

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