Why foster with us?

If you are considering fostering, you may be thinking about whether to foster with Brighton & Hove City Council, or whether to choose an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA). You may already foster with an IFA and wonder what you will gain from transferring.

We are proud of our fostering community and the incredible work our foster carers do for our looked after children. We want to create the very best experiences, support and training for our foster carers so they in turn can provide the most loving, stable and supportive homes for our children. 

Our in-house carers are our priority

All the referrals for children coming into care come to us first as a local authority, and as a general rule, we will place children with our in-house carers first. This means that by fostering with us you are unlikely to be waiting long for a placement. If we feel we can’t provide a suitable in-house match, only then will we consult outside agencies.

One Team

As an in-house carer, your foster child’s social worker will be part of our wider team, often sitting in the same building, so communication about their needs can be easier and more efficient.

Not for profit

IFAs are run for profit by private equity investors, but as a local authority, we are not-for-profit; meaning that above all else, it’s the children who benefit from what we do.

Growing Community

You’ll become part of our growing and vibrant foster carer community, which we believe is the best out there. We're extremely proud of our foster carers and the amazing work they do and we'd love for you to join the team.

You don’t have to live in central Brighton; we cover a radius of 25+ miles around Brighton and Hove and have growing communities of foster carers in areas such as Burgess Hill, Peacehaven and Hurstpierpoint. So don’t let geography hold you back from getting in touch.

Training and Support

We believe, and our carers agree, that our package of training and support is second to none. We are continually working to enhance what we offer and we work closely with our carers to support them in new and unique ways. Our ‘Good Hair Day’ bespoke event was a huge success for example; our carers learned about maintenance and protective styling of black and afro-Caribbean hair, and had great fun in the process!

Find out more about the ways we will support you.

Whether you are a prospective carer thinking about applying to foster, or an experienced carer wanting to transfer, we’d love for you to become part of the Brighton & Hove fostering community.